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CBDistillery Jack Herer Terpsolate (Open)
CBDistillery Jack Herer Terpsolate
CBDistillery Jack Herer Terpsolate Labs

Jack Herer Terpsolate

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Oh my! Jack Herer is one of the most popular flavors out there. With this terpsolate made by the great people at CBDistillery, you are sure to please your taste buds. With a wide range of aromas ranging from tropical citrus to spicy, this Jack Herer terpsolate is one of the best. The taste of tropical fruits, black pepper and citrus are all present in this concentrate.

The best thing about a terpsolate is that it not only contain a generous amount of 99%+ pure CBD isolate, but they also contain the terpenes from great strains. This is how the term "Terpsolate" was coined. Terpene + Isolate = Terpsolate.

Concentrates like this Jack Herer Terpsolate by CBDistillery are typically enjoyed with a dab setup, but they can also be used in a vape device that is made to take concentrates.

Product Details

  • CBD content: 1g (1000mg)
  • Flavor: Jack Herer
  • Ingredients: Hemp oil, terpenoids, hemp derived CBD isolate