What is Earlybird?

Earlybird is an Austin-based recreational hemp company that makes gummies and tincture formulated to make you feel good.

  • Both our gummies and tinctures target ~2.5mg of natural THC from hemp in each serving, and for many people it’s the perfect amount for a consistent and functional way to take the edge off

  • We produce our products in the most natural way possible, which means all of the cannabinoids in our products are naturally derived from the hemp plant. It’s not the cheapest way to do it, but it’s the best way

  • We take pride in the details. From our soft touch bottles, to our meticulous 3rd party testing approach, we inspect every product that goes out the door

  • We print the THC and CBD levels from each batch right on the label of every product. We take transparency seriously, and you’ll know exactly what you’re getting every time

We’re one of the first companies to formulate a full-spectrum hemp edible with an intentional microdose of natural THC from hemp that delivers a consistent, relaxing experience and puts a smile on your face.

What do we believe?

We think a micro-dose of THC from hemp is a fantastic way to take the edge off. We’re passionate about sharing our products with all types of people over 21. So whether you’re a hustling professional, a busy parent or retired age hobbyist, we think our gummies and tinctures can be a great compliment to your day.

If you’re totally new to cannabis or someone who is looking for a mellow re-entry point, we developed our products with you in mind.

We're passionate about the products we make and take pride in how they are produced, packaged, and delivered.

Meet the team

Childhood friends Mark Hulings and Justin Adair started Earlybird CBD in 2018 as a marketplace for premium hemp products. In the summer of 2020 Erik Culver joined to round out the founding team and in the fall of 2020 Earlybird launched their flagship THC+CBD gummy.

  • Mark Hulings

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Mark is an entrepreneur that loves the challenge of innovating and figuring out solutions to complex problems. He’s passionate about customer service, and if you call Earlybird there’s a good chance he’ll answer. When he is not working with our manufacturing team and doing the finances, you can find him on the local lakes wake surfing.

  • Justin Adair

    Co-Founder & Head of Sales

    As the life of the party, Justin is always making new friends and is constantly making sure everyone is laughing. Justin cares deeply about people and is passionate about developing relationships with retail partners from across industries. In his spare time, you will find him hanging out with his wife and daughter or tearing it up on a jet ski.

  • Erik Culver

    Co-Founder & CMO

    Erik is an entrepreneur whose career spans advertising, affiliate marketing, management consulting and beyond. Most recently he worked to build and scale a marketplace that helped collegiate art school students from over 200 universities sell and ship their work across the US. He doesn’t like going longer than a week without building something with his hands.

Want to learn a little more?

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